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In the middle of an automotive revolution you need IP experts who cover disruptive technology, such as connectivity, autonomous driving, and e-mobility as well as the traditional supply chain. Barker Brettell’s clients benefit from our market leading expertise and knowledge of industry practices, putting them in the best possible position to exploit opportunities and navigate issues when time and resources are limited.

For automotive suppliers, speed of delivery and reliability are critical to meet the demands of the supply chain, which often includes significant pressure to come up with, and disclose, innovative ideas and solutions. Yet these are powerful assets which need careful protection and potentially strategic exploitation to realise commercial advantages for business and, ultimately, make money.

Our automotive team understands these demands, working with traditional automotive players, new entrants, and future disruptors, to protect IP in this fast-paced and highly pressurised environment. We understand that engineers are a huge asset to any automotive business – and because our team consists of trained engineers and scientists, we talk your language, and ensure businesses benefit from our in-depth mechanical, electrical and software expertise. When it comes to your innovation, we can hit the ground running. Additionally, our experience in the aftermarket protecting a vast range of products from wheels to tyre assembly machines adds huge value.

Our patent, trade mark, design and copyright experts provide a joined-up, seamless service to clients seeking practical advice on all their IP issues. Our brand experts have vast experience in trade mark protection for both OEMs and suppliers.

Our extensive network of overseas contacts enables us to offer a truly worldwide service.                                              

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Ford have recently filed patent applications for a removable car wheel that can be used with an electric unicycle

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Opportunity Nox-What next for diesel?

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Confident who owns the name on the hood?

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Car-Hacking – is the automotive industry prepared for cyber war?

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Despite having no rotary engines currently in production, Mazda has recently filed a US patent application directed towards a new stop-start system for a rotary engine

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Steering systems

Around 3,000 patent applications are filed every year relating to vehicle steering systems, including this application from Ford relating to reducing noise and vibration.

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In-car entertainment

BMW is seeking patent protection for gesture-controlled in-car systems

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Daimler-Benz patented the idea of the crumple zone with DE854157, filed on 8 July 1949 and granted on 30 October 1952

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Fancy a lime green car? Toyota have patent protection for super-reflective  vehicle paints to help reduce overheating.

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British cars are becoming more British– UK Automotive Council Report 2017

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