Phil is a patent attorney with great technical skills and understanding of the commercial importance of IP protection. He works with a wide range of businesses from start-ups through to international corporates and specialises in materials science, metallurgy and mechanical engineering.


  • Assisted with the successful defence of a patent during European Patent Office opposition proceedings, with the opponent defeated and the granted patent maintained without substantial amendment
  • Provided an infringement opinion for a mobile communications device for an SME to support a lucrative licencing deal, including a patent family review across multiple jurisdictions
  • Aided a small UK business in re-instating online listings that had been struck down with falsely registered designs, including establishing the business’ unregistered IP rights in the products in question
  • Drafted a number of patent applications as part of a multi-year project for a large aerospace company, including invention harvesting with engineers and collaborating with in-house attorneys to deliver the project in a timely manner


“I’ve had nothing but stellar service from Phil. His advice has been helpful, timely and accurate; and he goes above and beyond on every single occasion. Phil and Barker Brettell are the only IP advisors I would consider using.”

Dan Lawrence, Founder/CEO, Durty Media Ltd