Phil is a patent attorney with great technical skills and understanding of the commercial importance of IP protection.  He works with a wide range of businesses from start-ups through to international corporates and specialises in material science, metallurgy and mechanical engineering.


  • Assisted with the successful defence of a patent during European Patent Office opposition proceedings, with the opponent defeated and the granted patent maintained without amendment
  • Provided an infringement opinion for a mobile communications device for a SME to support a lucrative licencing deal, including a patent family review across multiple jurisdictions
  • Worked to formulate a patent and design filing strategy for a multimedia app-based startup, identifying and ranking key features and icons, while advising the client on an IP protection plan to best protect their ideas and brand


“Phil consistently hits the right notes with clients and his work is excellent. He has all the technical skills and is calm, considered and concise, and always looks at the commercial impact.”

Neil Kilpatrick, Patent Attorney & Partner, Barker Brettell