Designing the best protection

Our specialist team of design rights experts is one of the largest and most experienced in the UK. As the leading UK filer of Community Registered Designs, the team has filed thousands of designs for companies ranging from global corporations to SMEs which means we have the best chance of ensuring your designs are fully protected.

Design rights protect the appearance of a wide variety of products and other articles. They can protect industrial items as well as aesthetic or artistic creations, sometimes in situations where patent or trade mark protection is not possible or viable. Whatever you have designed, our team will make sure it is protected in the best way possible.

Design registrations are often cheaper and quicker to obtain than patents or trade marks, and registration gives a firmer route for enforcement of rights against infringers compared with unregistered rights.

Design protection is often overlooked, but the potential advantages it provides makes it worth considering. With the number of countries signing up to the international Hague system of designs increasing, worldwide design protection is becoming more accessible to more people.

Our team consists of both patent and trade mark attorneys who can provide you with expert and up-to-date advice on design filing and protection using cost-effective strategies. Read our Designs brochure for more information.

Meet our Designs team.