• Helped a SME file a patent on an aerospace feature. A major airline started using a similar feature, assuming that the patent would not be granted and refused to discuss the issue. I adopted a strategy of pushing through the patent in Europe and the USA before re-approaching the airline, which resulted in a short licensing discussion involving a substantial payment of back-royalties. The feature has now been successfully adopted by many airlines, generating further income for the client
  • Representing a client successfully in a contested patent ownership dispute where the other side were impressed enough to appoint me as the patent attorney for their significant portfolio (with the first client’s consent) which has continued to this day
  • Litigating to enforce a client’s patent at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, eventually reaching a mutually beneficial settlement before the case management conference. My client and the defendant settled the proceedings with good enough feelings towards each other that they went on to become mutually valued commercial partners
  • Brainstorming a client’s invention and filing a patent thicket of other ways to approach the problem. Three years later we used one of those patents developed during the original brainstorm to close down a competitor’s rival activity
  • In 1988 I achieved first place in my UK patent professional examinations

“It’s rare in business that you come across true professionals and when you do, it’s a reassuring feeling. When it comes to patents, there is not much that is more complicated. Knowing we have Barker Brettell by our side is mighty reassuring. It’s a pleasure to do business with them – John and the team have a broad range of technical experience which means they can quickly help us identify valuable IP in the technology we’re developing.”

Mark Radley, Managing Director, Radleys.