John has over 30 years’ experience as a patent attorney and acts for a diverse range of clients, from startups and SMEs to large global corporates. His degree in Natural Sciences means he is well placed to help clients in the physics and computer-implemented technologies fields. John has deep and varied experience in writing and prosecuting patents in advanced engineering, aerospace, lasers and optics hardware, medical devices and implants and software controlled telemedicine/robotic surgery, and medical IT systems.

John heads the Aerospace sector as well as leading the secondment initiative.


  • Worked at Qineitq investigating III-IV semi-conductor properties using laser-induced phonon excitation. He undertook patent work on a wide range of technologies, including optical laser diffraction and ultrasound dispersion for particle size distribution determination on optics and software
  • Drafting and filing patents for computer-implemented technology inventions
  • Worked with HP on computer networks and media delivery
  • Worked on backbone internet optical networks, switches and routers for Ericsson and for Cisco
  • Drafting and filing patents on security software/technology for Qinetiq and financial technology such as credit cards
  • Worked on vehicle telematic systems, control systems and display systems


“It’s rare in business that you come across true professionals and when you do, it’s a reassuring feeling. When it comes to patents, there is not much that is more complicated. Knowing we have Barker Brettell by our side is mighty reassuring. It’s a pleasure to do business with them – John and the team have a broad range of technical experience which means they can quickly help us identify valuable IP in the technology we’re developing.”

Mark Radley, Managing Director, Radleys.