Scott has a wealth of experience in helping clients identify patentable inventions within their innovations, to help them develop a robust IP strategy. He has a strong track record of getting patents granted, especially at the European patent office when faced with summons to oral proceedings. His background in Physics makes him well equipped to understand a wide range of areas of technology from simple mechanical inventions to quantum technology. Scott has a particular interest in the fields of software, AR/VR technology and AI. This has led him to develop skills in helping clients navigate through excluded subject matter objections at the European and UK patent offices. Scott has worked with a range of clients, including multinational corporations, SMEs, start-ups and individual inventors in the UK, Europe and beyond.


  • Helped a US multi-national software corporation re-establish a withdrawn patent application that they had acquired. This involved holding calls with all parties involved and a detailed analysis of the facts and timelines to present the case to the European patent office leading to successful re-establishment of the application.
  • Involved in drafting and prosecuting patent applications for a British-based tech start-up who went on to be acquired in a multi-million-dollar deal by a big-name US social media company.
  • Working with Mastercard to draft and prosecute patent applications in the area of financial technology.
  • Helped to defend a European patent application owned by a multinational consumer goods corporation by filing a response to a notice of opposition resulting in a positive preliminary opinion issued by the Opposition Division for maintaining the patent.
  • Previously involved in prosecuting patent applications for BlackBerry™ including cases covering mobile communication standards.