Carrie’s background in physics means she is well placed to help clients in the fields of electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, materials, information technology, telecommunications and software. She has a wealth of experience advising clients on robust IP protection and strategies.

Her technical specialisms include data analysis and processing, computer implemented inventions, software, pneumatic systems, consumer products, medical devices, energy production and harvesting systems.

Carrie works closely with a large number of universities and is the principal contact for a multi-party framework agreement. She heads the firm’s Computing & Software group, and is also an experienced designs rights expert and leads the Designs team.


  • Provides strategic and pragmatic advice on IP protection to a prestigious college in London, and sits on their selection panel for deciding on financial support for commercially viable patentable ideas
  • Handles a large European and UK patent portfolio for multinational company groups, filing and prosecuting patents relating to water treatment, valve technologies, pools, pumps; electrical enclosures, cable management, climate control, electrical safety
  • Set new case law by successfully restoring one UK patent that lapsed, even though the statutory limit for doing so had passed, and another where specific instructions were received not to renew it
  • Setting up and running the firm’s designs and copyright group – one of the largest groups dedicated to designs and copyright in the UK
  • Serving as Principal examiner for the design and copyright UK Foundation Certificate (FC) qualifying examination, and chief examiner of the Patent Examination Board overseeing the setting and marking of all FC examinations


“Carrie has been our go-to patent attorney since I founded TG0 after finishing my Masters study at Imperial College and Royal College of Art back in 2015. Throughout this time, Carrie has led all of our patents drafting and advised us on IP related issues. Her extensive technical background covers a wide range of technology fields. Her diligence and pursuit of perfection have been crucial to the protection and commercialisation of our IP. With Carrie’s continuous support, TG0 has grown from an idea on paper to a sound business with prolific clients around the world.”

Ming Kong, CEO of TG0