Matty is a trainee patent attorney with a background in physics. He has worked with multiple university technology transfer offices and spinout companies, drafting and prosecuting a number of patents relating to technologies ranging from medical imaging machine learning algorithms to industrial-scale food processing systems. He particularly enjoys working with inventions in the fields of optics and condensed matter physics, having previously obtained a Master’s degree focused on experimental methods and analysis of laser-based particle trapping systems.

Prior to joining Barker Brettell, Matty worked as a research scientist at a UK defence company, developing hardware and software for radar and signals intelligence platforms. He has used this experience, assisting a large US defence firm prosecuting European patent applications and having worked on several non-military, radar-based inventions.


  • Drafted and prosecuted a patent application focused on electrical discharge machining (EDM) for a university spinout company, obtaining a granted UK patent in under 12 months from first engaging with the inventors
  • Prosecuted a number of European patent applications relating to computer-implemented inventions (CIIs) for a large payment provider. These often involve overcoming European-excluded subject matter objections regarding computer programs and business methods and addressing inventive step arguments in the crowded FinTech space
  • Awarded the Chris Gibson Prize for the highest mark in the FC2 English Law exam and the Mike Higgins Prize for the highest mark in the FC4 Design and Copyright Law exam