• IP advisor to Tier 1 OEM automotive supplier. Have prosecuted and in most cases drafted over 300 patent families through to grant in Europe and other key territories including US, JP, CN, IN and Brazil
  • Involved from day one company formation with entrepreneur Michael Rice and his Trixter product line establishing a strong portfolio of IP for high-end range of exercise bikes through to his selling the company onto a leading exercise equipment manufacturer
  • Building and developing Barker Brettell’s automotive sector group which has enabled colleagues to share expertise, experience and best practice in order to provide a seamless IP offering to clients

“Servicing innovation in a rapidly developing and competitive technology sector requires proactive and professional involvement from all. Not least from those that help protect the financial and intellectual investment that we make. We, for more years than I care to remember, have turned to Barker Brettell and in particular Andrew Tranter for this support. In an age heading towards autonomous vehicles Andrew has the skills and personality to handle all that we can throw at him.  Whether it be a complex mechanical or hydraulic system or electronics and control engineering then Andrew takes all in his stride.  The biggest compliment I could make would not be from me, but from one of my senior inventors, not only was he impressed with the quality, accuracy and clarity of the work done but he also enquired as to whether Andrew would like a job.”

Martin Bissell, Patents Manager, ZF TRW