We have a significant number of practitioners who have been involved with a wide range of technologies in the fields of computers and electronics.

In the field of computers and software, we have expertise relating to computer software and programming, software protection, computer hardware, digital image processing, image recognition, data retrieval and storage, encryption, e-books, computer architecture, networks and network management, telecommunications software and microprocessors.

In relation to the electronics field, our team has a vast range of experience covering electrical connectors, imaging, signal processing, vehicle electronics, including security and engine management systems, telecommunications technology, robot control systems and simulation, ion sputter systems, feedback control, and sensors.

Our computer and electronics team includes an attorney who is a member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents’ Computer Technology Committee, which helps us to ensure that the most appropriate advice is given on the issue of protecting computer-related inventions as the law develops in this field. A number of the practitioners in this group also have expertise in seeking to obtain protection for business methods in the UK and Europe.

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