Amy’s technical background is in physics. Since joining the profession over 10 years ago, she has acquired a wide range of technological expertise across the computing and engineering fields. Her areas of expertise include computer modelling and simulation, encryption and authentication systems, industrial control systems, machine learning, web-based applications and content delivery, and consumer electronics with particular emphasis on user interfaces, display technology and battery technology.

Amy’s experience in software and computer-implemented innovation has allowed her to provide opinions on software patentability for the UK and Europe. Her experience encompasses freedom-to-operate projects, validity opinions, portfolio management and prosecution strategy, patent transactions, competitor monitoring and patent enforcement.


  • Prepared and progressed an opposition to a computer-implemented design optimisation patent for a multi-national oil and gas company
  • Advising a start-up on the potential threat of a competitor’s patent to a web-based application, involving a comprehensive validity and infringement analysis to establish possible design-around options and developing a subsequent IP strategy
  • Successfully opposing a patent for a control system on behalf of a multi-national company