• Securing granted patent protection for cell analysis experts BioStatus Limited and their pharmaceutical spin-out BioSuspensions Limited across a range of territories worldwide Understanding the business and tailoring the approach to fit with the commercial aims was key, as were tactical considerations based on knowledge and experience of local law and patent examiners
  • Having a successful track record of defending patents before the EPO at opposition and appeal, including handling multiple hearings before the opposition division that lasted 12 hours or more and dealing with oral proceedings where witness evidence was required
  • Obtaining granted US and European patents for UK business Aviramp to protect their innovative aeroplane boarding apparatus, in time to have the rights secured as they were ready to do overseas deals, including with US airports such as Dallas Fort Worth, Charlottesville, North East Miami and San Francisco
  • Working with start-up company Dry Like Me on their potty training pad invention. The focus was to provide them with practical, step by step guidance through the process of obtaining a strategic suite of IP rights, and to ensure that a blended approach was taken to accelerate matters where certainty would assist with funding and decision-making but that in other situations tactics were used to delay costs and therefore free up funds for product development. The security of the patent, registered design and trade mark protection helped them push the product forward and find commercial partners, leading to them successfully filling the gap in the marketplace they had spotted

“Yvonne Johnson is always available for strategy, suggestions, last minute emergencies, honest and straightforward answers and always picks up the phone.  I would never use anyone else in Europe.  I have experience with others who try to impress with their legal interpretation of matters and potential options, but as a business leader, I simply don’t have the time to weigh the legal arguments.  We need to be advised, which is why we contacted them!  Yvonne has never strayed in that regard.“

Elizabeth O’Neil, Corporate Legal Manager, Madico, Inc.