David has tremendous technical range with a background in mechanical engineering and physics. He has experience of writing and prosecuting patents on a wide range of topics, including: medical devices, photonic devices, x-ray diffraction, metamaterials, quantum technologies and machine learning.

Before joining the patent profession, David spent 10 years as a researcher in microsystems and semiconductor devices, working mainly on defence related projects funded by the UK and US governments (e.g. DARPA).


  • Ten years’ experience in defence related research and development prior to training as a patent attorney, named inventor on seven patent families
  • Handling patent work for Malvern Panalytical Limited, preparing and filing patent applications to protect new inventions and managing a portfolio of around 85 pending cases (at last count) throughout the world, regularly meeting inventors to discuss new inventors and how to make progress with patenting older ones
  • Extensive experience of working with University clients and University spinouts, for example in wireless power communication, medical devices, compressed imaging, and machine learning
  • Handling patent prosecution for Xtera Communications relating to subsea and terrestrial fibre optic communications technologies
  • Preparing and filing a patent application on all optical memory for Oxford University, against a challenging publication deadline in Nature Photonics. It was great to see the same drawings I had been working with late into the evenings pop-up on the front page of Reddit shortly afterwards on my train journey into work


“Dave has established himself as an invaluable resource, respected not just by myself but also our development teams. He demonstrates a remarkable ability to understand the intricacies of technologies that span a range of disciplines, identifying key concepts, protectable innovations and the scope of the protection we would like to secure. In my career I’ve worked with many IP firms and attorneys and I would hold the quality of Dave’s advice and drafting to be amongst the very best I have seen.”

Stephen Manton, IP Director, Malvern Panalytical Limited

“Dave and Katie, can I take this opportunity to say how much I’ve enjoyed working with you both on this training project, and I can’t express my gratitude enough for all the hard work you’ve put into it, especially organising and delivering excellent talks on every occasion, you are both a real credit to BB as approachable, friendly and very knowledgeable attorneys.”

Brian More, Innovate UK EDGE Scale Up Director at Inventya Ltd.