Closed dates for Barker Brettell LLP, PRV (Swedish Patent Office), Intellectual Property Office (UK), EPO (Munich/Hague/Berlin) and the EUIPO are indicated by the dots on the table below:

Barker Brettell LLP PRV IPO(UK) EPO (Munich/Hague/Berlin)
01/01/24 • M H B
08/03/24 • B
29/03/24 • M H B
01/04/24 • M H B
01/05/24 • M B
09/05/24 • M H B
20/05/24 • M H B
30/05/25 • M
15/08/24 • M
03/10/24 • M B
01/11/24 • M
24/12/24 • M H B
25/12/24 • M H B
26/12/24 • M H B
27/12/24 • M H B
30/12/24 • M H B
31/12/24 • M H B
01/01/25 • M H B

Where the EUIPO, IPO (UK) or the EPO is closed, any deadline for that day, at that office, is automatically extended to the next working day. Further, new applications for a British patent, trade mark or design, or a European patent, a Community Design or a Community trade mark which have a convention deadline for filing falling on a day that Barker Brettell and the IPO (UK) are closed may be filed the next working day that Barker Brettell and the IPO (UK) are open. However, it should be noted that new, unprotected, ideas should not be disclosed before a patent application has been filed.