Our patent team includes many attorneys who practise in the fields of life sciences and chemistry.

They have experience covering a broad range of chemical, biochemical and biological technologies, including innovations in relation to healthcare and medical science. Our team has extensive expertise in navigating the exclusions from patentability relating to methods of medical treatment and surgery.

In the biotechnology field, we have handled patents relating to immunology, including antibodies and vaccines, stem cell technology, genes and genetic material, biomarkers, DNA/RNA probes and constructs, proteomics, organoid generation, assays, screening methods and diagnostic kits. We have been involved in cutting-edge and topical developments, including CRISPR-Cas technology, personalised medicine, and transgenic animals.

In the field of chemistry, our team has experience in protecting innovation across the spectrum of organic chemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and chemical engineering. Our knowledge in these areas includes pharmaceutical compositions, small molecules and drug delivery, cosmetic formulations, food technology and nutraceuticals, antimicrobial compositions, and agrochemical products, as well as polymer compositions and rubbers, nanomaterials, fuel cells and battery technology, pigments and dyes, alloys, catalysts, and industrial polishing compositions.

One of our practitioners is part of the Biotechnology Committee of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, which allows our team to keep abreast of the issues in this fast-moving field.

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