Trade mark practice in Turkey

The Turkish authorities have announced that it will now be compulsory for trade mark applicants to specify the type of products which are being retailed (e.g. books, clothing or furniture) in their applications. This contrasts with previous practice where the general term “retail” was accepted.

Turkish FlagThere are indications that this may pave the way for the acceptance of trade mark applications by different parties for the same or similar mark provided that the actual goods being retailed are different. Indeed, new applications which comply with the latest practice will be allowed to proceed, notwithstanding the existence of registrations covering “retail” in general. The Turkish authorities have suggested that no changes to existing registrations or applications that use the generic “retail” term will be allowed and therefore it remains to be seen as to what extent these will be enforceable.

Trade mark owners in the retail sector with interests in Turkey are advised to
review their existing protection in light of these developments.