Scam approaches – beware!

There has been an increase in the number of “scam” approaches that clients are reporting to us whereby unscrupulous organisations are making direct contact in relation to trade mark filings and trade mark renewals.  These will often seek payment for renewal fees with charges that are completely disproportionate to the official renewal fee amount.

The latest approaches even detail the name of Barker Brettell trade mark attorneys on the letter and may also quote our references. However, if we are responsible for a trade mark registration for you then all reminders in respect of payment of official fees will come via Barker Brettell and not a third party.

Please remember that no requests for payment of official renewal fees, whether in relation to patents, registered designs or trade marks, should be sent to you unsolicited from a third party.  If you are at all unsure, please do not hesitate to forward the approach to your Barker Brettell attorney.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) is recognising that scam approaches are an ever growing problem and has decided to replace its existing logo to one which incorporates the Royal Coat of Arms.  

The current UK IPO logo


The new UK IPO logo


This is part of a wider move by the UK government to develop a consistent approach to branding across all government departments and agencies in the UK.  The logo change will commence this month and it is hoped that the government’s use of a standard logo will make it easier to determine when correspondence is genuine, as compared to scam approaches.