Micaela is a trainee patent attorney with a background in physics having graduated with a Master’s degree from Università degli Studi di Genova and a PhD in Quantum Optics from Heriot-Watt University. Her research involved studying integrated semiconductor-based nanophotonic devices.

Before joining Barker Brettell, Micaela was a trainee patent attorney at another firm, where she assisted with prosecution of inventions in various fields at the EPO and UKIPO.


  • Assisted with prosecution of patent applications at the EPO and UKIPO
  • Worked on several research projects in the field of photonics and quantum optics. Her PhD was mainly focused on the study of different semiconductor-based quantum light sources for integrated photonics solutions. In particular, she has studied how to harvest and manipulate quantum light sources in two-dimensional materials and in gallium arsenide quantum dots
  • Worked on a master’s project to develop plasmonic sensors to detect molecules in ultra-low concentration in aqueous solutions exploiting Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy