• Successfully negotiating the acquisition of a client’s house mark through the use of a covert investigator in China. The client wanted to expand their business to China but was blocked from doing so as their house mark had already been registered by an unconnected third party trade mark squatter;
  • Working closely with a large client to help them redevelop their IP strategy which resulted in a worldwide overhaul and update of their trade mark portfolio and resulting protection;
  • On an existing client’s recommendation was asked to work on a new client portfolio which had a well-established business with some fantastic products but did not have any relevant trade mark protection in place. Carried out a review of its trade marks and worked closely with the client to put together a comprehensive protection strategy. The client now has a secure portfolio of registered marks which they are continually adding to as their business grows.

“We have worked with Lisa for several years and have always found her to be highly skilled, experienced and professional and a pleasure to work with.”

John Taylor, Chairman & CEO, ATG Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd