Ana is a European Patent Attorney with eight years’ of experience. Her background in chemistry means that she is able to work with clients in a broad field of technologies including, nanoparticles, pigments, polymers, colloid chemistry, small molecule inhibitors, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

She has experience of patent drafting and prosecution as well as EPO oppositions and infringement opinions.


  • Seven years industrial and academic R&D experience. Holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bristol and a year of post-doctoral in the fields of colloidal chemistry, surfactants, SANS and nanoparticles and having over ten papers published in high-ranking chemistry journals. Extensive experience in nanoparticles, fillers and pigments for a wide range of applications gained while working for a major multi-national
  • Prepared written submissions for a US chemical company and for a UK food additives company, which resulted in the cancellation of the oral proceedings for both clients after one of the requests was found allowable
  • Drafting an opposition from scratch based on prior use and inventive step attacks
  • Working in-house for a start-up company in the field of preventive medicine and diagnostics, drafting and prosecuting a number of patent families for small molecule inhibitors. Two patent families were licensed to a large pharmaceutical company. Also developed a good understanding of the practicalities and procedures involved with the protection of IP in a real-life business context, as well as an awareness of the commercial issues involved


“From her time in academia and industry Ana brings to Barker Brettell real life experience of what it is like to be a scientist involved with patents or the IP responsible contact at a SME. She understands the benefits of taking time to get to know the area of technology that the client is working on and what they are trying to achieve. Ana handles cases for a variety of clients and works hard to get to know their needs allowing her to provide the service they are looking for. She clearly enjoys finding solutions to issues that the clients face, be they complex objections to a patent application or the best way to define protection for an invention, and she is tenacious in her search for the most sensible way forward for the client. I enjoy working with Ana, she is always ready to ask questions and discuss cases which will stand her in good stead as her career progresses.”

Lucy Trueman, Patent Attorney & Partner, Barker Brettell.