Amy is a trainee patent attorney who recently graduated from the University of Nottingham obtaining a first-class master’s degree in Physics. During her four years at Nottingham, she studied a wide range of topics including astrophysics, medical physics, computing, quantum mechanics and nanoscience.

Since joining Barker Brettell, Amy has gained experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications within a wide range of technology areas, including AI, Software, Fintech and Medical Devices.


  • Undertook a master’s project in electrospray ionisation which involved the design, construction, and testing of electrospray emitters for use in mass spectrometry and thin film atom deposition
  • Researched the effects of varying emitter geometry and other physical properties on the efficiency of the electrospray emitter and the electrospray ionisation process. Her findings have furthered the university department’s electrospray ionisation techniques and will be used in many areas of their research
  • Undertook a computational research project exploring galaxy cluster formation and evolution using data collected from the Dark Energy Survey
  • Working with a wide range of clients to help prosecute and draft patent applications. Amy has already been exposed to drafting European patent applications in the AI and software space. She also has been involved in helping to prepare non-infringement and validity opinions for clients