Ladies Lunch in Lincoln

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One of our trade mark partners Rosalyn Newsome was invited by Katy Simpson, Head of Yorkshire & Clydesdale Bank, to talk to a group of local successful business women over lunch about the benefits branding can bring to an organisation.  Rosalyn used real life examples to bring the concept of branding to life for the audience, discussing the various aspects that contribute to a successful marketplace brand.  Rosalyn also used one of her own clients, Pai Skincare, as a working case study to illustrate how a strong brand enables a company to grow.  The event was incredibly successful and appears to have been extremely valuable to the audience judging by the volume of resulting enquiries and activity.  Katy said “Rosalyn’s presentation was excellent…the topic was perfect for the audience”.

Rosalyn has already received subsequent invitations to deliver the talk to other women’s networking groups.  If you think you could benefit from a similar presentation, please email