Toby specialises in computer related and computer science inventions, electronics and computer implemented inventions. He is well versed in the complex and nuanced area of patent law around software and business method applications, and helps these clients to navigate their way through the various software-related exclusions from patentability in various jurisdictions.


  • Worked with an early stage company to develop its patent portfolio helping that company secure funding and later exit through acquisition to a large multinational
  • Developed several patent strategies for clients that maintain options whilst reducing immediate spend and allow utilisation of current patent box tax savings
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys committee monitoring law around computer implemented inventions


“It is extraordinary to be able to work with a team that seems to effortlessly grasp what it took me years to figure out before they fortify and dispatch. I feel fortunate to have these guys on the home team. Use them. You really should.”

Professor Paul Newman, Head of Mobile Robotics Group, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford.