Stephanie is a European patent attorney with a passion for breaking down complex ideas in easily accessible ways. While studying for her Master’s degree in Physics at the University of Birmingham, she worked with the Pint of Science events group and hosted three evenings of Physics talks for the public (featuring speakers from the University) in a Birmingham pub. While training, she has assisted with a competition at the University in which Theoretical Physics students explained their in-depth projects to her in technical – but simple to understand – terms.

This is important in both directions between a patent attorney and a client – we must set out the process of obtaining a patent or checking for infringement in a clear way and must translate our client’s invention into its broadest definition to seek the best available protection.

Stephanie is from Wolverhampton and particularly enjoys working with local businesses, but has experience working with multinational corporations, and specialises in technology and engineering. She has a particular interest in the ‘excluded’ subject matter areas and finding routes around the exclusions.


  • Stephanie was part of an atomic physics group in her third year of University and her role involved laser positioning for cooling and trapping atoms
  • Stephanie also researched colloidal particle motion in response to applied magnetic and electric fields
  • Stephanie has provided freedom-to-operate advice, has experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications and enjoys telephoning patent examiners to discuss approaches for progressing applications to grant.