Cilla has a wealth of experience and knowledge spanning more than 35 years. Cilla spent many years as the firm’s Managing Partner, watching it grow to become one of the UK’s largest IP firms. Cilla has spent years developing her practice, working closely with many of her clients in excess of 20 years, in order to provide pragmatic and relevant advice.

Cilla has worked mainly in the engineering field, from automotive systems to medical devices.  Her background in maths means that she is also able to assist with software and information technology in the context of mechanical engineering.  She has experience in writing and prosecuting patents on medical devices – syringes, catheters and specimen collection; water treatment and metering systems; a wide range of mechanical engineering including pneumatic systems and fittings; automotive systems, including clutches, torque converters, dampers and hydraulic braking systems and components; and computer and software related inventions.


  • Working from the start with Marc Koska, the inventor of the non-reusable K1 auto-disable syringe, devising robust patent protection for a product that was simple in its design and therefore could potentially be difficult to protect. Two decades on, it has been estimated that the invention has saved millions of lives. Marc went on to found The SafePoint Trust which aims to teach the public about the dangers of reusing needles. In 2006 he was awarded the OBE in recognition of his contribution to global healthcare
  • Working with Kohler Mira Ltd and Kohler Co for several years providing strategic advice and portfolio management, as well as drafting patent applications, and conducting freedom to operate searches
  • Drafting and implementing patent protection for ‘The Peezy Midstream’, a simple medical device invented by GP, Dr Vincent Forte, which collects a mid-stream urine sample in a sterile environment. Dr Forte and Giovanna Forte went on to establish Forte Medical, now run by Giovanna, to commercialise the product which now is used by the NHS, private healthcare providers and is exported to the USA.  Continuing to advise and assist on IP protection for new products that have evolved out of the original concept
  • Working with Severn Trent for more than 30 years to provide full spectrum patent work including drafting and prosecuting patents, opposition and worldwide portfolio management
  • Cilla was Managing Partner from 2009 to 2018 and was responsible for ensuring the efficient, profitable and smooth running of the firm. Under Cilla’s management, the firm grew significantly to become one of the UK’s largest Intellectual Property advisers


“Priscilla has always provided us with pragmatic and valuable advice; new to the thorny world of IP, she has always helped make decisions that are best for the business; her candour and common sense are invaluable. I really can’t see any reason to go anywhere else for IP advice.”

Giovanna Forte, Founding Director & CEO, Forte Medical Ltd