• Working with Clearview IP to develop a portfolio of related patent applications on behalf of the team of surgeons who invented the Oxford Knee, now the most successful partial knee implant in the world
  • Securing Holicom Film Limited broad patent protection around the world for a uniquely realistic Pepper’s Ghost filming method fundamental to the success of their business
  • Restoring a family of patents after renewal deadlines were missed in France, Germany and UK, allowing the client to retain patent protection that they had never intended to relinquish

“I enjoy working with Lucy, she is very quick to understand the inventive concept on often quite complex technologies. This results in very accurate patent applications that need minimal amendment. It does not stop there as when it comes to the examination stage Lucy is able to articulate the prior art simply and clearly so that the expert inventors can provide the detail required on the key differences to aid in obtaining robust granted patents.”

Colin Hunsley, Managing Consultant, ClearViewIP.