•  Drafting patent specifications relating to: improvements in wireless power transfer; the determination of particle porosity of mesoporous silica nanoparticles; and the anonymization and characterization of behaviour using trained artificial neural networks
  • Drafting a patent specification for an innovative parcel-delivery apparatus for a local startup following a successful initial client meeting only a few months into his training, for which the IPO has identified patentable subject-matter in the original claims
  • Working as part of a team to develop a prototype system for automatically determining cloud cover using a microbolometer array during the final year of his undergraduate education for a well-respected SME

“Joe is a great asset to the team. His attention to detail is fantastic, and he is both organised and hardworking. These are all key skills for an attorney, and I am very glad to be working with him.”

Dave Combes, Patent Attorney & Partner, Barker Brettell