• Obtained a distinction in both sets of my professional exams (Postgraduate Certificate in Trade Mark Law and Practice and Professional Certificate in Trade Mark Practice), winning the prizes for ‘Best Overall Student’ and ‘Best Designs & Copyright Student’ at Queen Mary
  • Oversaw a number of foreign oppositions in Eastern Europe, resulting in an amicable settlement in order to protect the client’s rights and its opportunities for expansion
  • Advised on the absolute registrability of a figurative mark. Helped said mark to achieve registration throughout the EU on the grounds of acquired distinctiveness
  • Helped untangle a complex series of assignments to regularise the chain of title for a company that had gone into administration. Subsequently helped to record these assignments throughout the world
  • Contributed a number of articles to the Barker Brettell website and to The Fashion Law

“I would like to commend Becky on her thoroughness and professionalism.”

Nicolas Huber, Chief Executive Officer, ProteinLogic Ltd.